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this city has lost a certain holds inside
it feels so worn being chained here to this life
i´ve been around and seen one hundred scenes
where those who dare to tread the wheel
one day find out what´s behind that hill

spend half a life deciding what went wrong
trying to find out what took you so long
until you feel it´s all part of some crazy scheme
it conjours in you mem´ries ´til
you discover what´s behind that hill

you picked me up and we went for a drive
into the stained glass cavern of the night
you turn to stay, your eyes fixed on the rows
take me from this place i know
the ruined landscapes that i once called home
i don´t know what in this world is trying to save me
but i can feel its hand and it´s guiding me in sign
from lives i´ve tried to lead
to the one that i received
each pointed sign along the road
will melt away in source tags & in code

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Snoop Zum Index von Snoop wechseln schrieb am 18.05.2006 um 15:16:20:
jaja, viel um die ohren ;op es gibt wichtigeres als nasebohren *g* lass dich mal wieder blicken,
Snoop Zum Index von Snoop wechseln schrieb am 06.05.2006 um 16:56:23:
hallo du nase,
bist du wom erdboden verschluckt? solls ja geben... lass dich ma wieder blicken eh!
grußi schnuup
au schrieb am 06.04.2006 um 22:13:02:
ansonsten is hier aber au nix mehr los.
au schrieb am 26.06.2005 um 13:25:25:
danke, herr fokke ;-)
delenna schrieb am 22.06.2005 um 06:39:41:
Hab mich gfreut wie ich gsehn hab dass du mir gschriebn hast!=)
Was machst immer so in deiner freizeit???
Lg Lenni=)
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